ActivID ActivClient PKCS#11 API Reference

PKCS#11 API Reference describes the HID Global implementation of the PKCS#11 API (version 2.20). It presents an overview of the services provided by the PKCS#11 API, along with the necessary information about the HID Global implementation.

Developers may also refer to the official documentation about the PKCS#11 standard at


Readers of this section are assumed to be experienced programmers who:

  • Are accustomed to reading and writing C code,

  • Intend to develop custom application(s) into which cryptographic processing is embedded,

  • Have a good understanding of cryptography applications.

Note: This section only refers to APIs provided in PKCS#11 standard. The sample for IAIK varies in calling PKCS#11 APIs as it is intended to work with IAIK PKCS wrapper. For more information, refer to ReadMe.txt from JavaSampleIAIK folder in the distribution package.

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