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Advanced Authentication

HID Global’s advanced authentication product suite provides versatile, flexible, and highly scalable solutions for securing access ...

Credential Management

HID Global’s credential management solutions give organizations the power to efficiently manage a variety of credentials ...

HID WorkforceID™ Applications

HID Global’s WorkforceID solution provides a new unified identity and access management ...

HID Crescendo®

HID Crescendo devices and credentials provide organizations with high assurance ...

What's New in Our Documentation

Date posted: 19 April 2023

ActivID Credential Management System 5.10

Documentation is now available for ActivID CMS 5.10 that provides early access support for multiple devices per user, improved integration with IdenTrust™ CA, and removes support for Microsoft® Internet Explorer.

Date posted: 07 April 2023

HID Approve SDK for Windows 4.8

Publication of the documentation for the new SDK migrated to the Microsoft® .NET 6.0 unified development platform.

Date posted: 03 April 2023

HID Authentication Service

Updates for the enhanced API integration capabilities including retrievable user information, pagination/sorting of search results, FIDO device support, and API reference files.

Date posted: 15 March 2023

ActivID Appliance 8.6 HF

Updates for the hot fix including SFTP port customization, HID Approve offline token management, as well as bug fixes.

Date posted: 15 March 2023

ActivID AS 8.6 HF

Updates for the hot fix including support for Red Hat® Enterprise Linux/Oracle® Linux 8.x, HID Approve offline token management, as well as bug fixes.

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