HID® Crescendo® Minidriver 8.1


This guide presents the services available via the Crescendo Minidriver, a free middleware from HID Global designed specifically for the following devices:

The supported devices are versatile and can be deployed in standard mode (that is, without any central credential management system) or in an enterprise-managed environment (that is, with a central credential management system).

The supported devices can be used on a variety of environments, providing a wide range of strong authentication, digital signature and encryption services – such as secure Windows log on, secure authentication to web sites, secure authentication to remote sessions, email digital signature, email and file encryption.

This documentation describes the Crescendo Minidriver, which is a key component of the HID logical and physical access convergence solution

The information provided is specifically designed for IT administrators, who want to use their supported device to obtain strong authentication in their Microsoft environment.

It assumes that the system administrator has already installed and configured other necessary components (such as Microsoft Windows, a certificate server) and that you have a supported device.


RFC 5208

SP 800-73-4