Getting Started

Welcome to the WorkforceID Help Center, where you can find all the support and documentation that you need to get the most out of HID’s unified identity and access management cloud service. If you are new to WorkforceID, this is the right place to start.

What to expect

The Help Center consists of step-by-step guides for each capability of the WorkforceID Digital Credential Manager and Visitor Manager applications. For application, we will help you to get up and running with an overview of the setup process. The aim of these guides is to step you through and ensure you can make full use of the application abilities.

WorkforceID Digital Credential Manager: Find guides for admin users, including configuration, dashboard management of users and devices, as well as user guides for managing your own device.

WorkforceID Visitor Manager: Find guides for both administrator and self service users. These include checking in and checking out visitors, issuing badges, registering visits and managing preferences.

How to Use

  • Use the left navigation pane to choose the appropriate document.

  • Use the search field at the upper right corner of the page to search for key terms or processes.

  • Use the HID logo in the upper left hand corner to find all documentation sites.

  • Use the home button at the top of the left navigation pane to return to the WorkforceID Help Center home page.

  • Should you want to print a guide, click the printer icon in the upper right hand corner of the page.

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