What's New? - Visitor Manager

Winter & Spring Releases

Our visitor management solutions had two releases recently that we wanted to share a quick recap on.

Recent updates improve the solution capabilities and user experience, some of the highlights include:

  • Single Sign-On using SAML:

    Adds convenience of single sign-on for WorkforceID Visitor Managers admins and employees. Works with Azure AD, Okta, and more. Learn more>>

  • Azure AD Identity Syncing:

    Eliminate manual entry of identities and makes identity management easier by integrating, allowing corporate users to sync with WorkforceID. Learn more>>

  • Flexible Data Input Fields for Visitors:

    Simple configuration lets the solution expand to capture new data input fields for visitors during check in. Learn more>>

  • Multi-language support for Screening Questions:

    Visitors can answer screening questions in the language of their choice. Learn more>>

  • Conference room support:

    Operators can now direct the visitors to the conference room selected by the host in the outlook invitation. Learn more>>

  • Expanding 3rd party integrations:

    More PACS and peripheral integrations are added to the platform. Check currently supported PACS systems and devices and peripheral setup guides for more on which are supported.

We are excited to see WorkforceID Visitor Manager expanding its IT integrations and consider more than just the experience of the visitor as part of our overall solution.

Old Updates

  • Pre-screening process for returning employees

    The flexible screening questions feature is now extended to employees/contractors as they return to work. Learn more>>

  • Pre-screen visitors with custom questions

    Visitors can now be screened with custom questions. Admins can set up custom screening questions for each location. Learn more>>