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Getting Started

The HID Crescendo Key Series is a product family of multi-purpose, multi-

factor and passwordless authentication devices. Ideal to securely access data, online apps, network and cloud resources, the HID Crescendo Key Series can be used for secure and fast ‘One Click’ authentication.

These encrypted hardware keys are designed to enhance or replace weak username/password-based authentication to protect against threats such as phishing attacks, data breaches and more.

You can use the key to authenticate with FIDOU2FThe HID Crescendo Key provides two-step/two-factor authentication for web-based services and applications for stronger authentication and identity assurance., FIDO2The HID Crescendo Key adds the latest multi-factor and passwordless authentication options to FIDO U2F., an OTPOne-Time Passwords (OTP) The HID Crescendo Key generates secure passwords that can be used only once. or Digital CertificatesThe HID Crescendo Key series combines the advanced security features of PIV-compatible smart card technology with a USB smart card reader into a small and convenient USB key.. You can also use certificates stored on the HID Crescendo Key Series to digitally sign or encrypt documents and emails.

The HID Crescendo Key Series is designed for authentication on multiple devices such as PCs, tablets and mobile devices.

Note: Firmware upgrade is an advanced feature reserved for administrators. For further information, contact HID Global Technical Support.
Important: If you want to digitally sign or encrypt files or emails, you need to make sure the required certificates are stored on the key.
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