New: WorkforceID Visitor Manager Calendar Integration

Posted by: WorkforceID Product Management

SEP 2021

Automate Your Visitor Pre-Registration Workflow with HID WorkforceID Visitor Manager’s Calendar Integration

It can be challenging to ensure that all upcoming visitors are correctly pre-registered within your visitor management platform, especially if the responsibility lies with employees hosting meetings in addition to numerous other tasks that they need to focus on daily. Neglecting this process can cause issues on the day of visit, such as the inability to find a record of the visit or visitor during check-in time. Not only can this hinder the visitor experience in terms of inconvenience and check-in delays, but can also result in pre-registration compliance requirements not being met.

To mitigate this challenge, HID added calendaring integration to WorkforceID Visitor Manager to work with Outlook, Gmail and other calendaring applications. The new feature means that even if a host does not actively pre-register their visitor in the WorkforceID portal ahead of time, their visitor information will be automatically registered if they created the meeting in Outlook or their other calendaring application.

How This New Feature Transforms the Pre-Registration Process

  • The host creates a meeting in Outlook, Gmail or other, as they usually would, by adding their visitor email address. The host does not need to enter the same information in the visitor management portal.

  • A traditional Outlook or other email invitation is sent to the visitor and in addition, their information is parsed within WorkforceID. This creates a record for them and pre-registers the visitor using just their email address.

  • The visitor’s information is properly collected and registered prior to their visit, reducing waiting times while minimizing compliance risks.

What Are the Benefits of This New Feature?

  • A smooth visitor experience. This automation eliminates the risk of visitors arriving to an unprepared receptionist or self-service kiosk. Instead, their information will automatically be in the system, reducing delays and confusion.

  • Meeting compliance. Due to the automated nature of the feature, organizations can be assured that pre-registration compliance requirements are consistently met.

  • Ease for your employees. In utilizing Outlook, Gmail and other calendaring applications within the pre-registration process, employees can use a simple tool, that they already extensively use, without the need for additional processes or learning.

To get started using this feature in your WorkforceID Visitor Manager application, read our online help guide.