Preregister visits via calendaring application

Creating visits from your calendaring application is easy and saves time

Before you begin:

  • Host (Meeting Organizer) must be a valid user whose email address is registered with their HID Visitor Manager.

  • Configure the Calendaring configurations at the global level (Settings App > Visitor Manager tab) and at the location level.

Creating a Visit Using Calendaring Application

In the calendaring application (Outlook), create a new meeting:

  1. Link the meeting with the HID Visitor Manager by entering the email id "" as the recipient of your meeting request along with the visitor's email ID.

  2. Provide the location details (location name/conference room name/email), date and time.

  3. Send the meeting request. The visit is created in the HID Visitor Manager and email notifications are triggered.

How does HID Visitor Manager construct the visitor’s name?

The visitor name that appears in HID Visitor Manager is based on the email address entered in the meeting request.

Example: The prefix of the email is used to construct the name of the visitor. Example: Here "JohnSmith" is used in first and last name of the visitor. If there is a “.” (Ex: it is used to separate the first and last name. The suffix of the email is used as the company name. Example: will lead to company name = Test.

How to add meeting details in the calendaring applications?

  • Required field: Add Visitor's email. In addition to the visitor’s email address, it's mandatory to also add

  • Optional field: Optional for who added this field.

  • Start Date & Time is Meeting Start Date & Time.

  • End Date & Time is Meeting End Date & Time.

  • All Day is the Date & Time set up in the Settings app > Visitor Manager tab> Pre Registration sub-tab. If not configured, all day visits are not allowed via the calendaring application. The host will get the appropriate email notifications.

  • Location field: Provide the location details (location name/conference room name/email).

  • Make Recurring: select the recurring Date & Time.

  • Time Zones are not to be used.
    Add meeting details in the calendaring applications

  • If your invitation is forwarded to other recipients, they will not automatically be added to the visit within HID Visitor Manager. You will need to manually add the new recipients in the invite in order to register them with your security staff and provide them with an invitation code.

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