View the Device Information

You can click the About icon to display information about your HID Crescendo device which can be provided to your help desk or technical support for troubleshooting purposes.

Note: If no HID Crescendo Key or 2300 Smart Card is connected, the About icon displays information about the current version of the HID Crescendo Authenticator Tool.
  1. Launch the HID Crescendo Authenticator Tool.
  2. Plug the HID Crescendo Key into a USB port and wait for a steady or flashing Green light or insert an HID Crescendo 2300 Smart Card in a Smart Card reader.
  3. Click the About icon .

    The tool displays information about your HID Crescendo device itself, as well as each slot.

  1. Click the HID logo icon to return to the tool's main page, or use the menu to choose another page.