Change the PIN

You can use this to change your PIN at any time.

Note: The default PIN for the HID Crescendo Key Series and HID Crescendo 2300 Smart Card standalone profile is 00000000.
  1. Launch the HID Crescendo Authenticator Tool.
  2. Plug the HID Crescendo Key into a USB port and wait for a steady or flashing Green light or insert an HID Crescendo 2300 Smart Card in a Smart Card reader.
  3. Select Change PIN in the menu .
  1. Enter the current PIN.
  2. Note: You can click on the eye icon to display or hide the PIN being entered.
  1. Enter and confirm the new PIN and then click Submit.
Note: The PIN must meet the requirements displayed by the tool.
  1. Click Back or the HID logo icon to return to the tool's main page, or use the menu to choose another page.